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At The "B" Word Opinion (SM) is like a First Step Forward in the rest of YOUR life EVERYDAY is Hard but YOU make it and YOU make it WORK, so continue on U - R a HERO 2 us @ The "B" Word Opinion (SM). The happy truth to the matter is when a father see his child for the very first time he know this is from him and he will smile a smile so bright and his heart will enlarge with JOY, and this is why The B Word Opinion (SM) do this day in and day out fathers, moms and those whitin the LGBTQ+ Communities Minorities or Not, their allies - THANK U GUYS & GIRLS, BI'S & TRAN'S, whatever U - R the reason we are who we are.

The B Word Opinion (SM) NU/NEW Invoice the Order Service and More.

The B Word Opinion (SM) Invoice Service is like the Buy Now - And Pay Later, with one (1) difference, that is YOU pay only the INVOICE fee and YOU are NEVER CHARGED ANY INTEREST - EVER an the item(s) is/are shipped to YOU in the Entire USA, Canada and/or Mexico and also, understand that this service is also available to those OUTSIDE the America's as well, except Russia, or North Korea, et al and OUR TERMS OF PAYMENT IS YOU HAVE ONE (1) YEAR TO PAY THE FULL PRICE AND THE NEXT INVOICE BILL WILL COME TO YOU IN 3 TO 6 MONTHS, after the first shipment(s) check out choose the Invoice as PAYMENT and in six (6) hours or less an invoice will be in YOUR EMAIL Box with the Price (YOU Must Pay), pay it an the ORDER(S) is/are on there way, REMEMBER SHIPPING IS 100% FREE, as noted above. This Buy Now - Pay Later Type Program DOES NOT Require a Credit Card to Purchase, but YOU are allowed to USE the Credit Card(s) to make any Future Payments concerning this Program, and it is 100% SAFE and SECURE.

The Celebration O' SAVING(S) and More

Now as YOU LOOK and feel that the PRICES are too rich for YOUR BLOOD, wait, try the NU/NEW "INVOICE PAYMENT" and save BIG BUCKS and NEVER be charged any INTEREST - EVER...but if that is "NOT" for YOU any Old and/or NU/NEW Customer(s) who are VETS, Senoirs, LGBTQ+, ADA Person(s) or FREE SPIRIT can SAVE a WHOPPING up to 50% off any ORDER(S) on this site until12/31/2022 @ 12 Midnight (MST), after that the savings drop, but to as low as 30%, that is on EVERYTHING from Jewelry, toys, games, clothes, food, HDTV's, Apple(R) products, like IPHONES, et al, and more a lot dosen't HURT to at least LOOK.

The "B" Word Opinion (SM) Shopping World & More

Now as YOU search within this SITE its mostly about YOUR Opinions and a Few Stories, as well as BLOGS & first LOOK we are a STORE 2, but as we see it without any cloth on YOUR back YOU will not be able to live, so we have a NU/NEW STORE, with some super great item(s), the reason(s) some of the GUYS/GIRLS cannot find any items in the store is solely due to the fact that 98.9% of Men's, as well as Women's clothes are from Russia, and WE WILL NOT CARRY THEM, PERIOD (and the SAME goes for Kids Merchandise, as well). If any item is marked Made In The USA, it was, but if Imported, Rest Assure NO ITEMS are not from Russia and/or North Korea, et al, if they are RETURN them and WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY IMMEDIATELY & remove said merchandise form OUR website ASAP. Also, we DO NOT CHARGE A SHIPPING, NOR HANDLING FEE OR COST IN THE ENTIRE USA, CANADA and/or MEXICO.

The B Word Opinion (SM) Contact Form - Customer Service on any & all Orders issues(s)

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words or More.

Now this site is Old and its NU/NEW...the IDEAS are NEWER VERSION of the future of how U tell a TRUE story, the fresh NU/NEW Face(s) of the Store - the concept of the store are very simple - NOT EVERYTHING IS VIEWABLE, but about 98.9% of the time we have it in stock or we can get it and about most of the times at a DISCOUNTED PRICE, as well as 100% FREE SHIPPING, but if at anytime YOU feel that YOU get an Item form "Made In Russia" Please RETURN IT IMMEDIATELY FOR A FULL REFUND OR EXCHANGE IT FOR SOMETHING ELSE, YOU ARE NOT S.O.L (which means "SHIT OUT OF LUCK") We AIM TO PLEASE YOU THE CUSTOMER NOW AND FOREVER , understand we don't do Business with them within or without RUSSIA, et al, period - Shipping is ALWAYS 100% FREE in the entire USA, CANADA and MEXICO. If U seen it somewhere else, we @ The B Word Opinion (SM) can 98.9% of the chance can (or will) get it for YOU and at a way LOW PRICE - than at 79.9% of the BRICK AND MORTAR STORE(S) OR SHOP(S), and we @ The "B" Word Opinion (SM) DON'T CHARGE YOU A DIME FOR THE SHIPPING COST - EVER. also if there is a SALES TAX We will pay 50% and YOU must pay the Other 50%.


I Feel LOVE - Sam Smith (We DO NOT OWN, nor control the copyrights to this song or its vdio, et al)

My Konos 2020 - DJ Ben Bakson - Happy Tyme PRIDE ENJOY!


A Bisexual Playlist (mostly wlw) - Its a Good Mix - ENJOY

KED Present PRIDE 2022 Barcelona Summer Circuit Dance

Love Me Like YOU Do - LGBTQIA+ Multifandom ( We DO NOT OWN, NOR CONTROL any copyright to this music video or music - ENJOY)

Top Fathers Day Hits 2021 - ENJOY THEM LOVE 4 DAD


LGBTQI+ MultifandomII Kings & Queens II Pride Month Collab ( We DO NOT own, nor control the COPYRIGHTS to this music video, et al - other than that ENJOY)

The ROAD to a Place Called the "HAPPY PLACE & HOME"

The most TWISTED THING is to search for a place to be able to CONTACT them - LOOK NO FURTHER, we @ The B Word Opinion (SM) is a such a place and we are REAL as they get and to ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, YES, We have a REAL Street Address in Pueblo, Colorado, USA, but its NOT a Walk-In, it just a place for OUR NUMEROUS Employees - SORRY, BUT TRUE, but the YOU CAN CONTACT US by EMAIL ALWAYS @ this is monitored 24/7/365, the site has a CONTACT PAGE FOR YOU TO LEAVE a MESSAGE FOR ANY SUPPORT (and a "LEAVE A MESSAGE" ON THE LOWER RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE SITE FOR AGAIN SUPPORT, PERIOD) and we @ The "B" Word Opinion (SM) answer ALL proper EMAILS, et al within 72 hours or less, from receipt of the actual EMAIL(S) (also check YOUR EMAIL BOX for a reply from us, including YOUR SPAM FOLDER) and We leave, NO EMAIL(S) BEHIND, PERIOD. Also, the LIMITED ONLINE STORE is just as REAL, too, but is LIMITED...but if U wish check it out, if U Like it way COOL, but again, if NOT that is just as COOL, but remember a "CLOSED MOUTH NEVER GET FEED, SO SAY SOMETHING...ONE WAY OR THE OTHER? SAY SOMETHIN'?".