The Holiday Shopping Is Now Here For YOU

The Holiday Shopping Is Now Here For YOU


Today the PRICES are Set, but are they really "SET" some items are less, way lessor than is listed, but such is NOT POSTED at this time, but will be POSTED at a later dat and time, but since YOU LOVE SAVING MONEY, at the end of every ORDER YOU can saving up to 45% on YOUR ORDER, but on every Fri, Sat and Sun until 12/31/22 @ Midnight (MST) we will POST on our BLOG POST SAVING CODES and some codes are a saving @ 15% Off YOUR ORDER, up to again 45% Off YOUR ORDER SO IF YOU ARE SMART AND WE KNOW YOU ARE CHECK THE BLOGS PAGE EVERY Fri, Sat and Sun...for YOUR EVERYDAY SHOPPING.

Here is a Sample of some of the Items we are talking about, They are:

An that is just a very very SMALL SAMPLE we have well over 500,000 items from around the WORLD, except Russia, et al - BUT SUPPLIES ARE VERY LIMITED.

EXTRA    EXTRA - NOW during the whole Month of November every week on Friday and/or Saturday we will list an ITEM that will be discounted up to 78% off just that Item, but YOU will have to come to the site and ORDER...and sometime it is more than ONE (1) Item, sometimes it could be up to Ten (10) items at one time an SAID ORDERS are GOOD UNTILL 12/31/22 @ Midnight, even if they were paid for in November - A DEAL IS A DEAL.

Also if YOU have ORDERED from us in the past six months YOU will get an extra Discount of up to 25% off YOUR NEXT ORDER with the Current Discount and we give this DISCOUNT, but only to OUR VIP Customers ONLY and this is OFFERED to OUR PAST Customer for LIFE and in other words the DISCOUNT NEVER EXPIRES, as long as YOU are a customer of OURS @ The B Word Opinion (SM).



The day of the First Discount Code is NOW here (Write this down and enter it at the end of YOUR ORDER for the discount, five (5) time code use):


  • DISCOUNT15 dated on 9/10/2022 NEXT code on Sunday - WAIT FOR IT!

  • DISCOUNT25 dated on 9/11/2022 NEXT code will be on this Friday coming - BE THERE ARE BE SQUARE...use it before its too late.

  • DISCOUNT35 dated on 9/18/2022, NO FRIDAY or SATURDAY CODES, the ONLY code is Sunday Code, YOU can use it today.

  • DISCOUNT45 dated on 9/25/2022, Sunday Code can be Used today and the BIG CODE is coming tomorrow, the BIG 5-0.

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