A Shade of Pink, Purple, Black, Brown, Yellow and Red Award List...R - U On/In this list!?.

The "B" Word Opinion (SM) 

has an Award that it gives OUT, but its "NOT" on TV or Social Media, its just on this Website.







This is the Actual Second (2nd) Year of this List and U Just Might be somewhat SUPRISE who is on it & who is "NOT" on it!?.



Honey, Let Get the "F" ing Party Started and the Winners are or is it "is" and for YOUR INFORMATION this is "NOT" another AWARD SHOW or LIST, nor is it the PEOPLE CHOICE AWARD, because YOU PICK THE WINNERS actually YOU don't actually pick the winners the VOTES do the job and OUR Board and WE "R" A BITCH SOMETIMES, SO PLZ DON'T THINK U - R IN WHEN U - R NOT, don't play YOURSELF!?. As ( the Official) list tells Us the Winners are/is they are listed below: