Are they the REAL DEAL are they just Cubic or what?

The B Word Opinion (SM)

The Real Diamonds and Gold and some Silver, they are the REAL DEAL and YES WE HAVE THEM, but the prices are as LOW AS WE CAN GO - SORRY, but from what we have seen the prices we have are very LOW, indeed and worth the LOOK and Purchase.

Here is a SAMPLE OF WHAT WE HAVE, remember this is ONLY a SAMPLE, here goes nothing:





STOP, if this is "NOT" YOUR CUP O' TEA, now the Players of the WORLD will fit right at home with something that is 100% REAL with the PRICES TO MATCH. the actual Diamonds are loose fitting and are "NOT" fitted, so the PRICES are for One (1) actual Diamond and the CTTW, as well as it Size and Color...but a DISCOUNT does also fit with the SELL OF THE REAL DIAMOND AND MORE. But the items are SHIPPED and are INSURED BY US "FREE O' CHARGE ON ITEMS OF $USD 200.00 OR MORE, if less than $USD 200.00 the Cost is a mere $USD 3.00 to insure such item, but that cost is per item or items, for the first ten (10) item(s), after that the cost is only $USD 1.00 per item, if more WE at The B Word Opinion (SM) will carry the cost without charging YOU the Client - EVER for the INSURANCE SHIPPING COST, period.

So, shop knowing that YOU are 100% SECURE and SAFE when YOU shop with us at The B Word Opinion (SM).