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Face Bronzer Highlighter Contour Stick Textmarker Body Shimmer Shine Brown Brazer Cream Pallette Illuminador

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Use:    Face

Size:    Full Size

Type:    Concealer

NET WT:    5.6g

Benefit:    Natural Factors,Whitening,Concealer,Sun Block,Freckle Removing

Quantity:    1

Skin Type:    All Skin Types

Ingredient:    Natural

Formulation:    Cream

Number of Pieces:    One Unit

Package info

Package weight:    22g

Package dimensions:    12*2*2 cm

Product Efficacy: one high light, one facial modified, created a V face.
Applicable People: Beauty loved person, lazy girl, Korean makeup controlled, hand
residual star, buy buy buy teams and so on.
Usage Method: According to the need of the makeup, select the two make-up bar in the
required part daub gently, and then push with sponge or finger.
A creamy contour duo that creates a look of authentic dimensionality of face.
[Directions] Apply the highlighting color on T-zone, cheekbones and the shade color on sides of on and below the jaw line.


1.use only directed;
2.Avoid storing in high and low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight;
3.Cease use if problem arise.


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