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New Q version captain spring shake head doll car ornaments doll creative cartoon cargo mobile phone seat cross-border

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Color classification

Material: Sillet
Origin: Dongguan
Product number: Y-new captain
style: Cartoon
Print LOGO: no
Category: Shakehead doll
brand: Fragrant
Model: American captain
Whether imported: no
Packing specification: Color box
Custom processing: no
Whether a patent source: no
Item number: New Team
Features: Car shaking head ornaments
Shape: Cartoon
Color Classification: Y-New Team, Y-Spider, Y-Tree, Y-Bat X, Y-Caucasian (Ordinary base), Y-battle couple girl (ordinary base), Y-Sakura, Y-Sichuan Feng, Y-Qiaoba Black, Y-Qiaoba Blue, Y-Simulty, Y-Venge Iron X, Y-Green Giant, Y-Clown, Y-Harry, Y-Junior Wukong, Y-Junior Xiaolin, Y-Red Kung, Y-Dragon Ball Super, Y-White Bing, Y-Black Samurai
size: 9 * 18 * 12 boxed attached car stickers
Main downstream platform: Ebay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, Separate Station, Lazada
Main sales areas: Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East
There is an authorized self-owned brand: no
Whether cross-border export is available for supply: Yes


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