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Stainless Steel Grilled Cage BBQ Roaster Barbecue Kebab Maker Meat Skewer Machine BBQ Grill Kitchen Air Fryer BBQ Accessories

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Size(approx.)::    25cm/9.84in; 20cm/7.87in

Package info

Package weight:    400g

Package dimensions:    25*10*5 cm

Bullet Points:

1、Set Contains: 1 set includes 2 fixing plates and 10 baking sticks (without rotating rod and fixed screws), to meet your family needs.
2、Delicious Grilled Skewers: These skewers have smooth surface, you can easily slide the food up and down, easy to make delicious food.
3、Food-grade Materials: Made of food-grade approved 304 stainless steel, with high strength, no cracking, no rust, environmental protection, safe and durable. You can provide healthy lobster tails, barbecues, etc. for your family.
4、Perfect Cooking Accessory: 10 skewers can be easily installed on the shelf to achieve multiple uses. Strong air circulation will result in juicy and tender meat and crispy vegetables.
5、Please Note: The electric oven must be equipped with a rotating grill rod, and the diameter of the rotating rod cannot exceed 0.6cm, otherwise this product cannot be used.


can be used for kebabs, chicken wings, lobsters and other foods

Packing List:

1 Set of Rotating Skewers


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